Teenage Hideout

The ZONE is a teenage hidout for ages 14-18. Teens can watch movies play games and eat they can even dance. Teens have to pay 20$ to get in the hidout. movies are are $5.00 each. The cost of the buffet is $15.00 or $25.00 for unlimited acsess to the buffet. Teens can buy a member ship for $30.00 per month. They can also buy a V.I.P mebership for $85.00 per month for unlimeted acsess to the ZONE and get three free buffet meals a day along with 4 free movies per day and free gaming. The theme chosen for the ZONE is sports and dance. The dance area will be changed every wensday,friday, abd monday night from 3:30pm to 12:00am. the activetes that will be hosted are Game night wich will be were 10 teens play a virtual sport. There will also be haunted night were the them will change to  a haunted house and the hosts will try to scare the teens. on race night teens wil  get into small cars ant drive throught the dance floor racing to win a free month of membership.

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